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Rental terms & conditions

  • DRIVER’S AGE: Minimum 21 years.
  • DRIVER’S LICENCE: A valid driving license held for at least one year is required.
  • DEPOSIT: Deposit for estimated charges are required at the beginning of the rental with a minimum of 30,00 euro. daily.
  • INSURANCE: Rental rates include the following coverages: a) for death or damage to third parties up to 500.000 euro b) Material damages to third parties up to 100.000 euro c) for fire to the National Friend vehicle.
  • GASOLINE: Gasoline consumption is payable by the renter.
  • BABY SEATS: Available on request free of charge.
  • TAXES: All rates are subject to 24% V.A.T. and 2% municipality tax.
  • TRAFFIC FINES: Tickets and attached administrative sanctions resulting from any violation of the Greek Traffic Law during rental period are at the renter’s expenses.
  • FERRYING THE CAR: It is only allowed with the written authorisation from National Friend
  • COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER: The customer is waived of any responsibility in case of: a. Theft with a daily 3,00 euro. B. Damage to the vehicle: with a daily fee of 9,00 euro. For group A,B,C,E 10,00 euro. Group D,G.
    Regardless of whether C.D.W. has been accepted or not, the renter is liable for full repair of the damages, if they have been caused by:
    1.Driving under the influence of drug or alcohol. 2. If the renter didn’t stop after an accident and didn’t take the necessary actions, e.g. Notifying the police, calling renter car N.F., obtaining names and addresses of parties and witnesses involved etc. 3. Use for illicit/illeal purposes e.g. Smuggling, theft, illegal transport of items or goods, etc. 4. Driving whilst overloaded, over the limit permitted according to the vehicle’s circulation permit. 5. Driving by unauthorised persons, i.e. Under the age-restrictions, not declared and written on the rental agreement, etc. 6. Using the vehicle for any kind of races or competitions, including racing pace making. 7. Driving the vehicle anywhere other than on authorised roads, like on beach, on appropriate roads, mountains etc. 8. Violation of: traffic-lights, STOP sign, speed-limit, entering in the opposite direction lane, driving opposite in a One-Way road. 9. If the accident was caused wilfully or by gros negligence. 10. Damages to the underside or to the wheels and tires of the vehicle.
  • DRIVER AND PASSENGER INSURANCE COVERAGE Offered at a fee of 500 Drs. Per day and covers passenger. Benefits in drachmas Loss of life 15.000 euro Total permanent 15.000 euro Disablement 15.000 euro Medical expenses 1.500 euro
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