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The island of Thassos

For those who love adventurous wandering in the beautiful island of Thassos, our company is the start of that endless journey.

Thassos is a beautiful island, “the jewel of north Aegean”. Being picturesque and lush with vegetation it is a magnet for the visitor. It combines crystal clear sea with lush forests of pine trees. A visit to the island offers a chance to escape to nature. The forests here are rich in pine trees, lovely fir trees and the olive trees cover most of the island's land. The green colour is typical to Thassos unlike the many other barren islands in the Aegean. The pine trees reach gracefully to the lovely sea shores and the sharp rocks.

Thasos is considered to be one of the most visited islands of Northern Aegean, and one of the most wonderful summer destinations. Thousands of tourists visit Thassos every summer, for its historical, archaeological and natural sights. Some of the most remarkable sight is the ancient theatre, Aliki, the beautiful monasteries, churches, and endless sandy beaches.

In order to enjoy the beautiful island Thassos you should visit every part of it. National Friend Car Rental can provide cars, so you can travel with safety, convenience and comfort. With us you can spend unforgettable holidays in Thassos. National Friend Car Rental can provide visitors of the island with exceptional, all inclusive rental services, by constantly evolving in accordance to the latest rental needs specifications.

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